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Which is best – Underwater Flash or LED light?

At FOTOGRAFIT we have a large variety of customers. Ranging from the absolute beginner to the professional commercial dive company. But one of the most common subjects I talk about is underwater light. And I´m often asked about which is better – underwater flash or LED lights.
And the simple answer is… well… there is no simple answer!
It simply needs an explanation…!

Symbiosis vs YS-D2 vs inon Z-240 line up front

Review of Symbiosis Lighting System (SS-2R)

The Symbiosis Lighting System is a brand new flash/light system from i-Divesite.
They are a combination of both flash and LED light in one unit, which is a really large benefit for most underwater photographers today.
And WHY…?
The short answer is, that most divers often do both photography and video – and that most new cameras do both equally good. So instead of having to invest in both lights for video and separately a flash for photography ID have combined them into one.
…and it works!!

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