Review of the Nauticam D6 Underwater Housing for Nikon D6 Camera

The D6 is Nikons latest professional level DSLR. Packed with not only incredible autofocus capabilities but also superior image quality that allows you to capture images and videos even in the most difficult lighting situations or during the fastest action. Nikons D6 can also capture UHD 4K video up to 30fps with a 1.5x crop. With the new Nauticam D6 underwater housing you can take your camera underwater and take amazing pictures and videos.

Nauticam designed all of its aluminum housings with the user in mind. Offering easy assembly, proven durability, intuitive control placement and an extensive range of optics and accessories. The Nauticam D6 underwater housing is designed specifically for the Nikon D6 to take advantage of the camera’s customizability and powerful autofocus features.

Nauticam NA-D6 Housing for Nikon D6 Camera

The Nauticam D6 underwater housing

Nauticam housings are constantly evolving and applying lessons learned from earlier systems to the new models. The Nauticam NA-D6 addresses its predecessor and builds on the lessons of the NA-D5. With new and enhanced ergonomics, a more sophisticated flash triggering system along with the reduced size and weight.

Nauticam recognizes that its users wanted and needed easy access through the handles for the most effective dive shoot (ISO, record, playback, and info that was accessible via grip controls).

Mission Control

Nauticam developed the NA-D6 according to the Mission Control philosophy, in which the most frequently used controls are within reach of the ergonomic handles. The NA-D6 has double thumb levers on the back of the housing that trigger the camera’s AF-ON and REC buttons on the right and PLAYBACK / INFO on the left. There are also easily accessible levers for ISO and the ‘Pv’ control near the right-hand grip. Compared to the NA-D5 Nauticam improved usability. They redesigned this version by placing a double-action lever for the customizable ‘Fn1’ and ‘Fn2’ buttons on the front of the camera.

Flash Triggering

The NA-D6 comes with a pre-installed manual LED flash trigger that enables reliable flash triggering for most optically triggered external underwater flashes. A TTL version of the flash trigger (26308) is also available to allow automatic exposure control with compatible flashes.

HDMI & Ethernet

The connection to external monitors via HDMI or external controls via Ethernet is made possible by the bulkheads of the NA-D6. The housing has M28 and M14 bulkheads on the front and an M16 on the rear.

Optics and Accessoires

The Nauticam N120 port system supports a wide variety of Nikon F-mount lenses, with both optical glass and acrylic port options. The NA-D6 can also take advantage of Nauticam water contact optics, such as WACP-1, WACP-2, SMC-1 and SMC-2. They are designed to deliver the highest possible image quality underwater for both wide-angle and macro. Nauticam’s magnifying viewfinders are available in both 45º and 180º versions. They make the D6’s large, bright optical viewfinder easier to use and can be installed in minutes without tools.

Whats In The Box:

NA-D6 Housing
1x Manual LED flash trigger_ pre installed
90134 Spare main O-ring, O-ring remover and lubricant
2x Optical bulkhead caps
2x Handles with mounting balls
Panasonic CR-2450 Battery (for moisture alarm)
Set of Allen Keys
Manual instruction card
Padded housing bag and shoulder strap

Details and Technical Specifications:

Depth Rating: 100m
Weight in air: 3.67kg
Weight in water: 0.05kg (incl. camera and battery)
Dimensions: 357mm (W) × 224mm (H) × 148mm (D)
Port Opening: N120