Gear Reviews

On this page, you can find reviews of underwater imaging equipment and light. Products are tested and reviewed by experienced users and divers.

Review of Nauticam Super Macro Convertor 2 (SMC-2)

Are you a keen Ultra Macro Photographer?
Did you previously look at lenses like the MOBY or the SMC-1 + Multiplier?
Well… Nauticam did it again… only this time they blew the limits completely for making a macro lens that will satisfy even the most enthusiastic ultra macro underwater photographer.
The SMC-2 lens is just SO much stronger than the SMC-1 lens. Even if you add the Multiplier, this lens is stronger.

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Symbiosis vs YS-D2 vs inon Z-240 line up front

Review of Symbiosis Lighting System (SS-2R)

The Symbiosis Lighting System is a brand new flash/light system from i-Divesite.
They are a combination of both flash and LED light in one unit, which is a really large benefit for most underwater photographers today.
And WHY…?
The short answer is, that most divers often do both photography and video – and that most new cameras do both equally good. So instead of having to invest in both lights for video and separately a flash for photography ID have combined them into one.
…and it works!!

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