Underwater Winter Imaging 2014

Yes, I know.
It has been a while since my last Blog-posting.

Ice diving film project in Finland.
Ice diving film project in Finland.

But one of my personal goals for 2014 is to increase the amount of videos, blog posts and newsletters. (Yes, I know – I should not promise too much 😉 )
But I have to say, the year has started with a blast… besides a bunch of GoPro courses in the Nordic Region, a funny ice-diving film project in Finland for a German TV-station and attending dive shows – my little business has been really busy… And that is great!

The down side of being busy is, that I sometimes am a little late on replying to emails. So I would also like to apologize to the people that had to wait for too long, for getting feedback and offers. I try to respond within the same day, and get orders out instantly they are being released by Customs – but occasionally the piles just stack too fast! I guess I soon need to start looking for some more help in the office for handling response. But for now, thanks for your patience, my dear photo-friends and customers!

Busy spring


March is around the corner, and 2 dive shows are ahead. The first one is the new “Dykmässan” in Stockholm, that I will not only attend, but also be doing photo talks at – and judge both the photo & video contest. I love dive shows, as it get me close to the people that actually use the equipment we sell and I always get a lot of good feedback. See more about the Swedish show here: http://www.dykmassan.se



The following weekend I will attend the Danish show: “Divers-Event” (www.divers-event.dk). It is a one-day-only show and here I make my presence even more visible, as I am hosting a large imaging-area within the show. Besides a large FOTOGRAFIT stand manned with nerds and experts, 6 keen underwater imaging people will have their own little stand, and showing what they like the best. I normally have a bi-annually event called UW PHOTO/VIDEO EVENT, but this year, I have cancelled it, due to this event – which I think is a good trade-in.
Read more about the show and the imaging part, and the good imaging guys standing up for me – right here: http://divers-event.dk/?page_id=138



The night before Divers-Event we will be hosting a Pub-night, called DykPub.
It is not too common in Denmark, that a “cosy night out” is held along with shows. I think it is time to change that, and have asked the Danish Sportdiving Federation, if they wanted to Co-Host the event. They were pleased to do that!
The Federation is all about getting people together – and this is certainly one good way to do it… it will be fun.


Last weekend I attended an annual event called Nudibranch weekend, at Lillebælt in Denmark. A good bunch of keen macro photographers turned up, and we spent lots of hours under water (and later, lots of hours watching pictures). Jørn Ari, that is a Danish Nudibranch enthusiast, organized the event. He runs the website:  www.nudibranchia.dk. Right now, a national Danish underwater photo contest is in process on this site, and among 3 Nordic judges, I am one of them. I look forward to seeing the results. The contest runs until May 30th this year.

New test-series

Very shortly I will start to post some equipment tests, done by “Friends of the House”…
The idea is, that I have too little time to do everything myself, and by asking others to do it, we can all benefit from their feedback. I will start with a small series done by Jørn, about using Ultraviolet light. Something he has become quite pleased with.

And as always.

I am happy about all feedback and comments I get. Please keep it coming.
I post product news on www.facebook.com/FOTOGRAFIT several times a week – so if you want to keep updated, and to ask questions, this is a good forum to use. More that 2000 people are now part of the group, which is great.

Stay tuned…!

/ Lars Kirkegaard