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Workshop In Finland

Workshop in Hanko
Workshop in Hanko, Finland

Last weekend of May I had the pleasure of doing a workshop in Finland.It was organised by Nico Kavaleff, that also runs Finlands largest dive forum: snorkkeli.net
I have been in Finland many times, but never dived there, so I was looking forward to that a lot… particularly since the workshop was held in Hanko – which is the most southern part of the country and something like “Venice of the North”… 😉
A great place where the Fins go for recreational purpose.
The local dive shop is where it all happened: Hanko Diving, run by Timo… thx for your hospitality, Timo and the great boat ride.
If any of you out there ever want to dive in Finland, this is the place to go… mainly for wreck diving: http://hankodiving.fi/

The weekend was great. The weather even better – and the bunch of guys that participated, most certainly made it a trip worth while doing. Thanks guys for the good spirit and your hard work. I am looking forward to come back next year.



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