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New GoPro HERO+

New GoPro HERO+


Oh no… Not again…!


Like all other companies, Camera manufacturers need to make money too.
And by doing that, they need to make a presence on the marked. So they have to come up with something new – all the time. It has always been like this, even before the digital revolution… it is just one of those things…!
So even if they did not really come up with any improvements, they need to make it look like “the new camera” is much better than the old.

Sometimes it is… sometimes it is not!

GoPro just launched a new camera. There is not much new in it, so they did not call it HERO4, but HERO+.
But they did manage to make the DIVE housing slightly smaller, and to improve some of the WiFi – and apparently also made the lens system better.
Divers wont be able to use their “old” filters, so we “the dealers” get a chance to sell them new ones…
Thanks for that GoPro!



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