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New Housing for Canon 7D Mark II

          New Housing for Canon 7D Mark II Performance Digital SLR Nauticam is pleased to announce it’s underwater camera housing for the Canon 7D Mark II, the NA-7DMKII. The production, ready-to-dive NA-7DMKII made it’s debut at the 2014 Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 19th – 22nd. The Canon 7D […]

Canon WP-DC54 vs. Meikon CN-17 (for Canon Powershot G7X)

SubSee completely sold out!

Sold out?? “So what” – someone would say… “Oh no…” others would say. But no matter if you like – or not even KNOW what the SubSee lenses are, they are difficult to get around if you are into macro photo/videography. Lift it and you will understand what the fuzz is all about. There is […]