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Lars is one of Scandinavia's very experienced photo/videographers with many years of working as both an active member of the Scandinavian Underwater Community, an underwater photographer, studio photographer, TV-videographer and as a Graphic Arts specialist. Owner of FOTOGRAFIT.eu

Which is best – Underwater Flash or LED light?

At FOTOGRAFIT we have a large variety of customers. Ranging from the absolute beginner to the professional commercial dive company. But one of the most common subjects I talk about is underwater light. And I´m often asked about which is better – underwater flash or LED lights. And the simple answer is… well… there is no simple answer! It simply needs an explanation…!

Testing the Nauticam SMC and Nauticam Multiplier lenses

Test of the Nauticam Super Macro Converter and Multiplier lenses Recently I lend the Nauticam Super Macro Converter lens (SMC) and Nauticam Multiplier-1 lens to a very skilled underwater photographer. I know him to be a very thorough guy and wanted his view on the Multiplier lens, that you can mount on top of the SMC lens. […]

Canon WP-DC54 vs. Meikon CN-17 (for Canon Powershot G7X)

The Meikon CN-17 vs. Canon WP-DC54 This BLOG POST was written by the Danish Underwater Photographer: René Hrumpf. He was the first to purchase the new Meikon housing for the Canon G7X camera from me. He also has the Canon housing for the same camera, and this post is about his experience with both the housings. UPDATE! […]

Nauticam housing for Atomos Shogun HDMI recorder

Housing for Atomos Shogun 10 Bit 4K SDI/HDMI Recorder Monitor and Player Nauticam housing for Atomos Shogun recorder/HDMI monitor – Buy here Atomos Shogun is an extremely versatile and useful video production accessory, filling many vital roles in the content creation pipeline. Shogun has proven its value in countless video production environments since its release in November, and […]

Nauticam Compact Macro Converter (CMC)

Nauticam Compact Macro Converter (CMC) A Newly Engineered Macro Accessory Lens for Compact, Mirrorless, and More! The CMC is an extremely powerful super macro accessory lens optimized for use with both fixed lens compact and mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. Smaller, Lighter, Stronger While the Nauticam Super Macro Converter (SMC) design inspired the development of the Compact Macro Converter, […]

To SPOT or not TO SPOT…

Which light do you choose, if you are a kean underwater photo/videographer, but mostly dive wrecks and on dive sites with lots of holes? Commercial diver and Underwater photographer: Nicki Augustinus gave it some thought. In his daily life, Nicki is working both in the military and as a commercial diver. But in his spare time […]

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100

 Housing for Panasonic LX-100 The NA-LX100 Link to product at FOTOGRAFIT.eu Nauticam just announced the availability of the NA-LX100, the new housing for the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100. But I have already sold several units due to its popularity… This rig offers the discerning underwater image maker access to the advanced capabilities of the LX100 camera, which […]

New Housing for Canon 7D Mark II

          New Housing for Canon 7D Mark II Performance Digital SLR Nauticam is pleased to announce it’s underwater camera housing for the Canon 7D Mark II, the NA-7DMKII. The production, ready-to-dive NA-7DMKII made it’s debut at the 2014 Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 19th – 22nd. The Canon 7D […]

i-Divesite Pro-7 Video light (5000 lumen)

I have had the i-Torch lights for sale for a while now, with a lot of happy dive customers as a result. The lights are very small, simple and gives a very wide beam and an even white light. And the light is very affordable. As a comparison, it is only half the size of a […]

iPix – GoPro HERO3 Alu housing review

iPix – GoPro HERO3 Alu housing Here is a review of the iPix aluhousing for GoPro, made by Swedish Jonas Roos. Jonas is a keen cave diver, and needed a reliable and tough setup, that could cope with both the hards rocks in a cave system and the wrecks. This is his experiences with it: […]